Auto Sash Closers

The Benefits of an Auto Sash Controller

The auto sash controller for fume cupboards maximises energy savings and provides safety for the operator. The auto sash closure system solves the problem of users walking away from the fume cupboard and leaving the sash open which can lead to large amounts of heated air being wasted unnecessarily if a VAV system is fitted.

Although preliminary designed for operation on VAV fume cupboards, it can also be used on CAV fume cupboards. It can be fitted to new or existing fume cupboards with a choice of three motor drive systems to suit each type of fume cupboard.

The auto sash controller is designed to close the sash automatically when the operator is not present in front of the fume cupboard. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) constantly monitors the work area in front of the fume cupboard. When the operator is present the sash can be operated manually via the optional Tiptronic touch sensitive feature or using an optional foot switch. If no movement is detected and the sash opening is clear, the sash will automatically close after a pre-determined time. Auto open option is also available.

As a safety feature if any obstruction is detected within the line of the closing sash by the barrier light beams then the sash will stop.

If both auto sash closer and VAV system are fitted together then significant savings can be made on energy consumption.