Docking Station

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Fume Cupboard Docking Station

Docking stations are a robust lockable enclosure housing water, gas, drainage and power connections which enable quick release connections when the mobile fume cupboard is not in use or is to be moved to a different location.

The docking station connections can be securely locked away when not in use to prevent unauthorised access.

Docking stations are available for mounting onto the side of a bench/panel or to a wall.

The docking station is complete with male quick connect fittings for water and gas to connect to the female quick connect fittings on the fume cupboard flexible hoses.

A vulcathene drain adaptor is fitted to the bench mounted docking station to enable the flexible drain hose on the fume cupboard to be attached easily.

A 240V 13A single switch socket outlet is fitted to the docking station for the flying lead and 3 pin plug fitted to the fume cupboard to be easily connected.

A U bolt is fitted within the docking station to enable the restraining wire/tether attached to the fume cupboard to be easily connected, this prevents the mobile fume cupboard being inadvertently pulled away from the docking station too far and damaging the connections

Service Connections

Gas: 1/4″ BSP male threaded connection

Cold Water: 1/4″ BSP male threaded connection

Drainage: 38mm vulcathene (Bench Mounted version only)

Electrical: 240V supply