Extraction Systems

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Fume Extraction System Specialist

TCS design and install fume extraction systems serving our own fume cupboards and ventilated enclosures.

All PVC ductwork is fabricated in accordance with HVCA DW 154 and installations comply with the recommendation of BS EN 14175 to ensure that the installation performs efficiently, safely and with minimum noise levels.

Our engineers will carry out a site survey to ascertain the most suitable ductwork route and fan location and will issue AutoCad drawings for client approval.

A wide range of centrifugal fan units are available, which are fabricated from polypropylene. The fan motors used are direct driven and are available in either single or three phases and can be inverter driven.

Where materials used are required by the client to be fire retardant, we can design and install systems from either fire retardant polypropylene or from PVC with a glass reinforced plastic outer coating.

Special items, such as fire dampers, intumescent fire collars, attenuators, HEPA filter housings, etc, are also available.

TCS are able to undertake a full turnkey installation, including the supply and installation of all electrical equipment to control and operate the extract systems, including motor isolators, fan starters, contactor overloads, inverters and interconnecting wiring.