Mobile Recirculation Fume Cupboard

TCS 1000 MR

Leading Mobile Recirculation Fume Cupboard Provider

Compliant with:

CLEAPSS Guide G9 – Fume Cupboards in Schools (Revision of DfEE Building Bulletin 88)

BS 7989

BREEAM compliant (ENE11)

CLEAPSS tested

Good Practice Guide 320 – Energy Efficient Design and Operation of Fume Cupboards

BIM/Revit models available

The MR range has been designed for use in Schools and College to protect students and teachers from the fumes associated with GCSE and A Level curriculum activities.

360 degree visibility all round make the unit ideal for demonstrations.

The fume cupboards are designed so that they can easily be manoeuvred between classrooms through standard door openings which enable the fume cupboard to be shared between classrooms and connected into docking stations.

Mobile recirculation fume cupboards are ideal for buildings where ductwork is difficult to install.

The carbon filter fitted is designed to remove fumes associated with the range of chemicals used in the school curriculum as recommended by CLEAPSS.


  • 360 degree visibility ideal for demonstrations
  • Fully mobile and lockable in position
  • 25kg carbon filter
  • Protective pre-filter
  • Trespa Athlon bunded work surface
  • Vertically sliding toughened glass sash
  • Integral high level lighting
  • Airflow control panel
  • RCD protected double socket outlet
  • Gas outlet
  • Water outlet
  • Drip cup
  • Dimension – 1000mm wide x 715mm deep x 1950mm high
  • Nominal air flow of 0.4m/s face velocity at a 400mm opening
  • Voltage – 240V/1 ph/50Hz

The MR range is also available as a 1200mm model.